Pay Per Click with Google AdWords

Google Adwords can be a great sales force for your business. It is a pay-per-click marketing strategy that is known to yield quick results while also allowing you to keep a check on the budget.  However, the process of setting up and managing the ads can get tedious and tricky at times. If the ads are not managed properly, you might end up spending more without any results. That is when a marketing agency like us can help you.  Our highly experienced Team works closely with our clients to develop a customized marketing campaign and we cater to the whole of UAE.

Our Process

1. Research Keywords

Firstly, we will analyze your business module in detail and determine which keywords or key phrases best represent your products or services.

2. Create Ads

Create appropriate and eye-catchy ads that best promote your products or services and request approval for the same.

3. Manage Ads

Once approved, we manage the ads by setting the cost per click and the daily budget. The ads are then reviewed and adjustments are made to make sure the position the ads are being viewed on is the best for the cost set.

4. Provide Statistics

The ads are managed for the term agreed upon. The clients are informed about their Google Adwords balance regularly, along with a report of number of clicks and click prices to ensure that they are receiving a positive return on investment (ROI).

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